Dude, Please!


Yo, Flicker.
I get that you have a really pointy beak
and that you feel an incredible urge to utilize it.

But could you maybe focus your energy on this suet?

Or on this telephone pole that seems made-to-order for head-banging?

Just not here, okay?

Thanks so much for your understanding.

14 thoughts on “Dude, Please!

  1. I hear you! And I hear the woodpecker that likes my house overly much, too. Periodically I send my dog out for a barking frenzy but it only works for a little while.

    • My neighbor has struggled with this for years while the flickers left other houses alone. She now has long strips of plastic attached to various parts of her roofline to keep them away. Guess they like my house better now.

      Sorry you’re suffering the crazy tap-tap-tapping, too.

  2. We don’t have flickers around here. They’re pretty–and fun, in the abstract. But I don’t think I’d like them pecking my house to pieces! Do they hammer away at the siding day and night?

    • Only during the day. Sometimes they hammer on the rain gutters which creates a whole other metallic sound. They’ve stopped but I had to pound on my walls and shout out the window at them several times today. I saw one out on the pole later, so maybe they got my memo.

      I agree that they’re very pretty. And hard-headed.

  3. We have a neighborhood flicker (well, it may only be right around our corner here) which moves from house to house and does his drilling thing…although it sounds like a jackhammer when he hits us, I suppose it could be worse (he likes our neighbor’s metal smoke stack, for some reason).

    • It DOES sound like a jackhammer sometimes. Especially when he/she is pounding on the rain gutters. That’s funny about the smokestack. Makes you question their thinking at times…

  4. LOL Funny, we both and bird noise experience today. I kept hearing “knocking” from the bedroom and since I was the only one home, and Trixie was curled up on my lap, I kind of freaked out. Turned out it was a bird (couldn’t get a look at it, it was so fast) and it kept flying into the window. I opened the curtains and then it stopped. Maybe it was angry at itself? 😉

    • I wonder if it saw its reflection? I know that can happen and they can get aggressive. I hope it was okay. (I know what you mean about getting freaked out about sudden unexpected noises when you’re alone. Yikes.)

    • It did! After posting this, the pecking ceased. But Zippy told me when he was home alone later in the day, the flicker went at the rain gutter and about made Zippy jump out of his skin it startled him so much.

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