Merry Planksters – Update


Two weeks ago I posted about how I wanted to strengthen my core.
I’ve been doing planks most every day since then and I want to tell you,

I’ve done them off and on (mostly off) over the past couple years
but am here to say, a little consistency goes a long way.
I can already feel a difference in my strength (I mostly don’t shake and quiver anymore).

So I’m here to encourage you to do you and your core a favor, and start doing planks each day.
You’ll tighten your midsection, tone your abs, improve your posture, reduce risk of injury
(planks can even slice, dice, and make julienne fries!)

Seriously, invest five minutes a day and become a Merry Plankster!

28 thoughts on “Merry Planksters – Update

    • I thought of you right after I posted this. What matters is your gets all better soon, and who cares about a plank at that point?!

      Either way, you’re an honorary Merry Plankster!


  1. Okay, I lead a sheltered life. So what’s a plank? I’ve heard of Pilates, old-fashioned crunches, etc., but I’ve never heard of planks.


    • O Fitness Guru holds her planks for 60 seconds. Right now I’m alternating between Planks and Side Planks, holding each for 60 seconds with 60 seconds rest in between. The cool thing is, I started the Side Planks at 45 secs but am already strong enough for 60 secs.

      I’m doing a total of 5 x 60 seconds each day.

      I think the most important thing, though, is to start with a doable time and then increase as you get stronger, and stick with it.


      • I think I still have residual core strength from hooping (which I haven’t been doing because of a hip issue).

        Here’s a link to a video explaining side planks:


      • I put my arm along the top of my leg and I stack my foot on top of the other. It’s important to keep aligned, I think, because the other day I felt a strain in my groin muscle which would indicate I wasn’t focused the way I should.

        I find it VERY helpful to have something to look at while doing the side planks. With my eyes, I trace the outline of the pull-knob hardware on my desk (because its intricate and swirly) and that gets me to 60 seconds. My friend had me do that with an earring when I was in labor. 🙂


  2. I agree, that consistent workout makes a huge difference. I’ve been doing this exercise to improve my core where you pull your belly button in towards your back and it’s made a huge difference in tone and strength.


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