Mash-Up of Scary and Funny


Yesterday I worked on a scene that was hard to face:
I put a 12-year-old girl in a dangerous and scary situation.
When I reached the point at which someone steps in to help her,
I stopped writing and took a nap.

I often take 15 minute power naps.
But this nap was a deep, all-the-way-asleep kind of nap.
I think writing that scene took it out of me.

So that’s the scary (and tiring) portion of this post.

The funny portion?

Earlier this week, Melodye ( ) asked that we share belly laughs with each other.
Since I can’t find Garrison Keillor’s hysterical booger excerpt from LAKE WOBEGONE DAYS
and Youtube doesn’t have the Stuart Smalley Halloween clip,
I offer this mockumentary about the first men’s synchronized swimming team:

Are you laughing yet?

8 thoughts on “Mash-Up of Scary and Funny

  1. Thank you for the belly laugh


    I totally forgot about this skit, and ha ha ha ha ha, I’m so glad you posted it today! How can you not laugh ’til your sides ache, watching something as hilarious as this????

    And also…

    I can so relate to the need to “sleep off” some of the scenes that you’re writing. Hope your nap left you feeling refreshed and ready to go at it again.


    • Re: Thank you for the belly laugh

      I wish it was better quality, though. It’s such a funny bit. Zippy and I still quote lines from it.

      I bet you need to sleep off some of your chapters/scenes. It can be exhausting. I’m working on it today and even though the scariest part is past, I’m still moving slowly. But, that’s okay.


      • Re: Thank you for the belly laugh

        I emailed the link to my sister, who watched it with me the first time it aired. We howled on the phone, mimicking the actors’ lines while watching it together again.

        I’m a slow mover, too–as you know. And I’m trying to remember that it’s okay.


      • Re: Thank you for the belly laugh

        Oh, this makes me so happy!! I’m grinning at the image of you two sharing the moment via phone. Thanks for letting me know this, Melodye. You made my day.

        Yes, remember it’s okay to move slowly. (I’ll remember, too).


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