Bird Is the Word


I’m fighting feelings of overwhelm right now,
mostly political and environmental concerns.

I need to harness good feelings to carry me through.
And there’s nothing like a bird to make me feel better,
so I’m going to share in case anyone else needs a little boost.

Female Downy Woodpecker                                                     © 2010 Tracy Abell

Wishing everyone a groovy weekend filled with lovely birds
and whatever else makes your heart go thumpa.

21 thoughts on “Bird Is the Word

  1. We live in challenging times, don’t we? And I admire so much your passionate activism, on behalf of the planet and your fellow (wo)man.

    Birds are talismans of happiness for me, too–and courage in the face of danger/adversity. Here’s my hummingbird hero, Phoebe. Look how calmly she’s perched atop her nest. Mama Hummingbird does her job so well, even though the odds are stacked so high against her and her unhatched eggs. Yep, I wanna be like her.



    • I think you and Phoebe are two of a kind, Melodye. Petite but strong. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous photo with me. I’d like to shrink down to size and hang out there with her.


    • Isn’t she a beauty? Very dapper in her black and white. I’ve come back to this photo throughout the day, and every single time she makes me smile.


    • The thought of you rubbing that little bird’s head against your cheek made me smile. Not sure what the bird’s reaction would be, but I like the idea.

      Thank you for the good thoughts, Jennifer. I spent some time outside this afternoon and the sun and chirping birds and buzzing bees lightened the load.

      Have a lovely weekend.


  2. Yeah, I had to make myself stop checking the headlines at HuffPo the past couple of days because all the awful news was getting to me.

    I hope you have a swell weekend too, Tracy! Wish we could go out together.


    • You’re much saner than me. I keep reading things even though my head’s about to pop off. I did get some nice patio time this afternoon, though, and feel rejuvenated.

      I wish you a swell weekend, too. And wouldn’t it be grand to go out together?!


  3. So lovely! Thank you, Tracy! Your bird pictures always give me a boost – and I definitely need one (reading about our version of the global gag rule up here is making me feel so sick).


    • I’m glad the woodpecker pic gave you a boost. ACK on the global gag rule! What is it with men’s obsession with not allowing women to make their own health decisions?!

      Time to look at the birdie again…


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