Inspiration for today’s work


As I get ready to write today,
hoping to choose the perfect words for my final chapter,
I hold Jeannine’s work up as inspiration.

From BORROWED NAMES by Jeannine Atkins:

As if staying in one place
is the sole measure of goodness,
as if ponds are better than running rivers or rain.

Jeannine sets the bar pretty damned high, doesn’t she?


8 thoughts on “Inspiration for today’s work

    • Gorgeous. Yes. I haven’t finished it yet because I’m taking it slowly, so I can enjoy the full flavor. It really did inspire me today to slow down, and find the right words.


    • That particular quote kept me focused today so I’d take the time I needed to find the words I needed. It was rough going this afternoon but then I hit my stride this evening. Yes!


  1. Tracy, you are kind. I hope to inspire more than set bars (not so good on the sports metaphors!) But I guess I do hold up somethings for myself, too, but no yelling from the sidelines. Patience, and we all get there.


    • I may be kind but you’re amazing! This little snippet helped me remember today that if I take the time, I can find the right words for what needs saying. Thank you.


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