Fun at the dentist office! Really!


Who says it’s no fun going to the dentist?
I just spent an hour there and had a grand time.

Did I mention I was only in the waiting room?
Zebu had an appointment to get his braces-clad teeth cleaned,
so I hung out in the front office.

Did my figure eights,
inserted my ear plugs,
and drafted another couple pages of my final chapter.

Let’s hear it for the dentist office!

23 thoughts on “Fun at the dentist office! Really!

  1. Whoohooo!!! Congratulations on the final chapter. I like my dentist office and dentist. I always have fun. The staff makes me laugh. Then again, most things make me laugh.


    • I actually like my dentist and the entire staff there. I have huge fears from previous bad dentistry experiences, and they’re really good about helping me relax. They also make me laugh. And laughing is good!


    • I’ve found Rescue Remedy to help with my dentist anxieties. I still don’t like it there but they work with me to make me more comfortable. I’m sorry you share the feeling.

      It’s nice to create some positive connotations with the dentist! More pages!


  2. I love my dentist it’s just the *concept* of dentistry that makes me anxious. But this sounds like an ideal visit to the dentist i.e. not *your* visit. My mom and I try to go in pairs to make it more fun and then have lunch afterwards 🙂


    • I’m sorry about that, Karen. Being a parent means lots of waiting rooms. Have you tried ear plugs? Or maybe do as Barb does, and do character sketches of the noisy people. 🙂


      • I hadn’t considered earplugs. I usually have one boy in an activity and the other boy with me or running around. Maybe once I have just one at a time at an appointment I could get something done!


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