My left leg is longer than my right. Hooray!


Ever since the summer of 2008 I’ve suffered off-and-on tightness and pain
in my left ITband/hip/buttock.
It came on after training for the Bolder Boulder, and after research,
I decided it was due to training so many miles in the streets
where I’d run facing traffic which meant my left side was always leaning into the gutter.

At Zippy’s suggestion, last week I finally called my running shoe store
to ask for a Physical Therapist recommendation.
Well, I just got home from my appointment with
Stuart Wilson at Chamption Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy,
and guess what I found out?

It’s not an ITband issue.
My pain wasn’t triggered by running in the gutter.

My left leg is longer than my right leg,
and the way my body compensates is for my left foot to pronate 8 mm.
Healthy pronation is 2-3 mm.
Again, mine is 8 mm.
No wonder I was in pain!

He taped my left arch to hold it in place and then had me get back on the treadmill.
But then I felt pain in my knees.
So then he removed the tape and put a lift in my right shoe.
Much better!

My homework is to wear the lift all the time,
walk as much as I’d like,
on Thursday go for 2-3 mile run, and, if it feels okay,
to run 2-3 miles on Sunday.
I go back for my follow-up appointment next Monday.

I’m thrilled.
I already feel different/better, and am hoping, hoping, hoping
this means I’ll be back on the trails again.
I might even try to run the Bolder Boulder which is (eek!) three weeks from today.

Hooray!  My left leg is longer than my right!

18 thoughts on “My left leg is longer than my right. Hooray!

  1. Supposing I should show restraint about left-leaning jokes…I’m sure you’ve already heard/thought of your share.

    The Bolder Boulder in three weeks? Oh my goodness! Glad the problem’s identified, but I’m guessing you should ease into your new gait a bit more slowly. But what do I know: I’m not a runner.


    • Actually, I didn’t even think about the left-leaning aspect. HA! It all makes sense now, doesn’t it?

      The PT was the one who asked if there was something I wanted to prepare for, “like the Bolder Boulder.” I think once the correction is made, then the bio-mechanics are as they should be and it’s fine to go at it. But I will see how it feels and what he says next Monday. If I do run the BB, it’ll be a different kind of race since I haven’t been training. Zippy and Zebu are going to run, and now Wildebeest says he wants to, too. I’d feel left out!


    • Re: Well then,

      Zippy? Is that you?

      Aside from that little right-foot kick action, I believe I can run in a straight line. My problem is I don’t always stay upright.


    • Me, too, Carolyn! I wore my lift while busing tables yesterday and realized I really did feel more balanced than before. I’m thinking this is going to be a very good thing!


    • Especially when the problem was chronic and disturbed my quality of life. I haven’t done much running at all because of this, and now that might change. 🙂


    • I immediately started kicking myself for not seeking out help sooner, but that attitude is just a waste of energy. So, I’m glad I went yesterday and am hopefully on my way to being all better again.


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