Of Ants and Writers


I’m working on my final chapter, and feel good about most all of it
except for the last few lines.

I know I’ll get there but it’s a bit maddening to have come this far
only to be flummoxed.

I’m not quite sure why, but this photo from last summer feels right for this post:

                                                                                                                                                             © 2010 Tracy Abell

Maybe because I found out via this link, that younger ants usually take care of the queen and brood,
while the older ants typically have the more dangerous tasks of foraging and defense.

I’m definitely an older ant,
and writing towards The End can sometimes feel a bit dangerous.  Scary.
But I have to keep crawling around my final page, foraging for those just-right words to end my story.

(And for a little off-topic Ha-ha, here’s a snippet from the above link:  "Ant colonies are grossly divided into queens, males, and workers. The job of the queen is to lay eggs. The males generally do nothing for the colony. They wander around accepting food from the workers until the time comes for mating. They die almost immediately after mating."  Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the ultimate fantasy?)

16 thoughts on “Of Ants and Writers

  1. I’m trying not to look at that photo too much, (insects are not my friends) but…

    I’ve always kind of thought that queen bees had a good kind of life.


    • I’m sorry for giving you Ick feelings, Barb. I need to remember that not everyone shares my love of tiny, crawling things.

      I don’t know about the queen having a good life…she’s always laying eggs. The males, on the other hand,…


  2. I’m trying hard to find the beauty in that photo. Really, really hard. I suppose I could come up with something metaphorical, but urgh, I’m with Barb.

    Wishing you a fruitful day of foraging…You’re so very close!!!


  3. I feel a bit shallow for enjoying the pretty bird pictures you post but not this one of ants. But it could’ve been worse, it could’ve been spiders and then I would’ve been hitting my monitor with the nearest shoe I could grab!


    • I’ll have to remember that about spiders because I love spiders, too. And snakes and ….

      (I do recall getting totally freaked out about how peeper toads give birth. Zippy has teased me about that one).


  4. Oh, my gosh. I just read through the comments and can imagine how surprised you felt. I saw that picture and melted. It is gorgeous!

    Well as they say, to each her own. Or something like that.

    Anyway, I guess we can all agree those last lines are hard. Linger. Bite your nails. Sleep on it. It can’t be rushed, but it will come.


    • YES! I knew there had to be someone else who saw the beauty in that photo. I was so surprised by the reactions but then when Zebu came home today and I showed it to him, he got all itchy/twitchy, too. Sigh.

      Linger. Bite my nails. Sleep on it.
      Okay, I’ve got my instructions. Thank you, Jeannine.


  5. Go, Tracy! You’re almost finished which is such an AWESOME feeling.

    Take your time with the lines until they sing.

    or don’t, if you don’t really want to.

    (I don’t care one way or the other about the ant pic.)


    • Thanks for cheering me on, Dot. Your little pic makes me smile, and makes me think I can do this The End thing, for reals.

      (And I’m glad my ants didn’t ook you out).


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