Gasping at the Moon?


Earlier I responded to  regarding her suggestions for finding my last lines,
by saying I’d try her methods but would probably also end up howling at the moon.

(image from

Care to guess how it’s going so far today?

10 thoughts on “Gasping at the Moon?

  1. !!!!! Oh my. That doggie looks traumatized. This makes me want to write a clever book called “Simple Cures for Howling at the Moon.” But then I’d need to find some clever last lines for it. I’m always surprised when I learn people have methods for writing and can clearly articulate them. Whatever’s going on in there is something I don’t have conscious access to (sort of like with my digestive system!).

    I hope you howl your way to a solution! I’m sure it will come but darn the writing is hard work. By comparison, whatever this dog is howling about he/she probably has it easy!


    • Well, I howled as best I could seeing as I’ve been without a voice the past few days. It got ugly here for a while but I just sent the ms off to Claudia (and another reader friend) because I’d reached the point of No Perspective.

      I’m hoping this doggie wasn’t traumatized but is just a natural-born comic.


    • The howling was painful but I finally reached a point at which I knew I needed to send the ms on its merry way. Mentor (and reader friend) now have it, and I can resume my regularly scheduled howling.


    • Actually, I couldn’t howl because I’ve got no voice. I lost it Monday night and it’s been nothing but whispers around here. The rest of the family has had it with me because all conversations turn into everyone whispering. And since we’re typically a rather, how shall I say it, boisterous crew, this is a big change.

      I did finish that final page and just sent the ms off to Claudia.


    • Funny you should say that, Jeannine. At one point today I gave myself a little talking to and said, “Listen. Just be quiet and listen. Focus.”

      I just sent the ms off to my mentor which means I’m now drinking a beer and not worrying about it too much. 🙂 Thank you again for standing by my side as I worked toward The End.


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