Friday Five: The Where-I’m-At Edition


1)  I’m loving my whiteboard as I sort out characterization and plot for BIRD BRAIN.

2)  But for the sake of my brain cells, I need to make the big investment and buy non-toxic, no-odor markers.

3)  I’m now enjoying all the little revelations that come with revision, and am no longer beating myself up 
for not being an omniscient author.

4)  I’m writing every single day, making progress every single day, and feeling better about myself
every single day.

5)  This week I received a 14+ month response to a query for FRAMED, and all I could do was laugh.

Wishing everyone a grand weekend filled with whatever brand of happiness your hearts desire!

6 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Where-I’m-At Edition

  1. nice whiteboarding. i scribble things down in a notebook that i practically sleep with when i write a first draft.

    i am happy to hear things are going well with your story. it is always good to be in a good mental space with your writing.

    enjoy your weekend!!!!!


    • I love my notebook, too. Alas, it’s almost full which worries me because then I’ll have two full-of-scribbling notebooks as reference.

      The whiteboard just helps open up my head in a way a notebook or computer screen can’t.

      And yes, I’m cherishing these good feelings because I know how much it stinks to be in a bad place with my writing.

      Have a cake-filled weekend!


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