Friday Five: The School Daze Edition


1)  Dropped Zebu at the high school this morning for freshmen orientation.

2)  Zebu was disdainful yesterday when I asked if he knew what he was going to wear today,
     yet this morning proudly pointed out that his shoes matched his shirt. 

3)  Wildebeest got himself up and out the door for a 6 a.m. cross country practice this morning.  Wow.

4)  Zebu and Wildebeest have a gym class together this semester, and are giddy with excitement.

5)  I cannot believe summer vacation is over.

                                                                     © Tracy Abell 2010

Wishing everyone a glorious August weekend!

8 thoughts on “Friday Five: The School Daze Edition

  1. Beautiful sunflower!

    And yeah, I can’t believe it’s over, either…seems like yesterday was the last day of school 😦 Yet, I know the kiddos are so ready. (How cool that your boys have a class together — I had choir with my brother, and we loved it!)


    • Don’t you just love sunflowers? They can grow and thrive anywhere. I have some blooming in the cracks of our patio/basketball court.

      I’m glad you and your brother had that school experience together. I didn’t with any of my siblings, and I’m so happy mine are excited by the opportunity.


  2. Whoa! GORGEOUS flower pic!

    M & S had a journalism class together last year, and they loved it. Funny, since I wouldn’t have pegged them as wanting to associate. And yet they do so even more now that S has her license. It’s nice to see!


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