Springing into action


A new week, a new month.
Shiny new possibilities.

I have plans for September!

(Here I go again, another oversized photo.
This time I didn’t have trouble uploading it to LiveJournal,
but I can’t resize it; when I click on the corner, the photo goes blue.
Plus, I can’t put text beneath it.
What’s going on?!  And does anyone have advice?)

12 thoughts on “Springing into action

  1. I don’t have any photo loading advice but that squirrel sure seems to have a predatory expression on his face!

    • Lorraine! So nice to see you here. I’ve been thinking of you and wondering how D’s school transition is going for all of you.

      Wishing you shiny new September plans, too.

    • I know LJ was messed up yesterday but it seems fine today. However, I still can’t resize photos. Do you size yours before uploading? And do you use Photobucket? I don’t know what I don’t get the little square on the photo corner when I scroll over it; the pic goes blue and that’s it. Sigh. It’s driving me crazy (I know, I know,…short trip).

      • Mine seem to size automatically (I can see it in the html coding) — can you see the html when you post? You can go into that and resize it manually, if you can. I get my pix straight from my computer — I used to use photobucket, but when I realized I could upload from my personal files on my PC, that’s a lot easier!

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