All the current hateful anti-Muslim rhetoric makes me ill.
And it’s everywhere.

While busing tables at the spaghetti dinner on Monday,
I overheard some mumbled slander aimed at Muslims
from an evangelical woman who likes to
put her hand on people’s foreheads and pray over them/bless them.
Over the years I’ve asked her to stop doing that since we’re about feeding people,
not proselytizing, but she’s so locked into her belief system my words don’t make a dent.

Which is probably why on Monday I walked away from her in frustration (something I’m not proud of),
and went into the kitchen to vent to Zippy who then told me
the same anti-Muslim crap was being spewed there by a volunteer washing dishes.

It’s everywhere, and it’s getting more and more blatant.
We have a man of color in the White House, a man many choose to believe is a closet Muslim,
and that’s unleashed The Ugly which people have kept simmering in their guts.
G.W. Bush was able to keep a lid on anti-Muslim sentiment following September 11, 2001,
but Obama’s skin tone has inflamed The Ugly.

Burning Korans.

Shrieking opposition to mosques all over the country.

Denying Muslims their First Amendment rights.
I’m sickened.

20 thoughts on “Bigotry

  1. So much rage. So much hate. I have a really hard time trying to understand where all this is coming from. Alot of it looks like its based in willful ignorance. What is going on? I’m so frustrated.

    • I don’t know about anywhere else but here in the good old U.S. of A., it’s racism coming to the surface. White people are beside themselves because some uppity black man got into the White House, and they’ve decided he’s a Muslim so they’re going after Muslims, too. What else could it be? There haven’t been any other attacks on the U.S., and Bush kept people’s Muslim-related emotions in check. The crazies have just reached their tipping point, and it’s only going to get worse. (You’re right about willful ignorance playing a huge role in all this).

      There are SO many legitimate reasons to be angry with Obama, but his skin and Islam aren’t two of them.

      • It seems there’s a general anti-intellectualism at work. And it’s up here big-time too (and I think is the chief reason our horrendous PM been able to hold on to power for so long) and cozies up to racism, homophobia, sexism and all sorts of other nasty things. But why? Is it some sort of death throe fit by people realizing the American empire is falling (rather quickly at this point!)?

      • The anti-intellectualism has been a big factor here for years and years, but it’s reaching a fever pitch. And I do think you’re right about the realization of the collapse of empire, although it’s on a subconscious level. They don’t want to believe it the USA could fall to nothing, but they feel it slipping away.

        Instead of looking at the situation in this country as haves vs have-nots, people are focused on left-right while the money-people have their boots on all our throats. We should be rising up together against those boots, but we’re just a mess.

    • Yes, it takes a special kind of gutlessness to leave nasty anonymous comments. I can’t even read those things because it feels as if either my head will explode or my heart will break.

  2. it is driving me crazy.
    My aunt sent me some email about a stamp that has a heart, a butterfly and muslim writing that should be avoided at all possible cost…

    I am going to buy a slew of them and use them for all my holiday cards! I am so sick of this.

  3. Yeah, it’s not a good time right now. I don’t understand why people have to tear apart anyone’s beliefs — why does it hurt us to simply live and let live? 😦

  4. Yeah, it’s disgusting. And also, deeply UN-American. But I have hope, nonetheless. Groups that were once considered too . .. whatever to be American are now part of the mainstream. Remember learning about the furor set off by Kennedy’s Catholicism? that’s a small example, but I think still applies.

    • You’re right about Kennedy’s Catholicism, but it does seem we always, always need some group to kick around. We trade in one for another. I’m not trying to poop on your hope, Dot; I’m just so exhausted and worn down by all this.

  5. Ugh. I know. It makes me so sick. My neighborhood has this “unauthorized” neighborhood newsletter that has been posting bigoted anti-Muslim things and also general conservative party line stuff for the last few years. I just throw it away unread, although not before I emailed all their advertisers to express my dismay with the whole thing, especially the racism and bigotry, which really gets me in the gut…

    • That’s horrible! I wouldn’t want to read that, either. But good for you contacting the advertisers, Jackie. Actions like that can make a big difference, especially when others take the time to speak up. (Says the woman who walked away from The Ugly last night…)

      • Well, I was a big chicken, too, I created a fake name and email address for it…and I never went back to read any of the replies. I was really shaken up by taking any action because oh man, any kind of confrontation makes me sick to my stomach. When I had to deal with Racist Coworker all I could seem to do was frown and walk away. But…I try to do something…even if it’s rather wimpy.

      • That stuff can be so hard. Emotions are churning because we feel so strongly yet sometimes can’t even think straight.

        You done good, Jackie. Thank you for taking action.

  6. I am with you on this. (No suprise, I’m sure.)

    The Gainesville minister really can’t be a Christian – or he should have his membership card taken away. Because his Bible tells him to turn the other cheek. Also, “do not do unto others what you would not have them do to you” (the Old Testament version of “Do unto others”) and treating one’s neighbor like one’s self.

    • I keep thinking the same thing about that woman at the meal, the one who considers herself an uber-Christian but has such a petty, mean-spirited world view. She ain’t no Christian, and I want to tell her it’s people like her who give Christians a bad name.

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