Revising. Again


Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman,
before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.
 ~ John Quincy Adams 

I had the great good fortune of receiving a free manuscript evaluation and critique 
from Sacha Whalen via the Blue Boards.

It was fast and comprehensive.

Sacha had much good to say about BIRD BRAIN,
but pointed out (among many other things), that
the opening chapters could be stronger.
She even gave me an excellent suggestion on how to do that,
a way to raise the stakes throughout the story.

So here I go again.
I’m mostly excited, but also a little bit scared.

Courage is saying, "Maybe what I’m doing isn’t working;
maybe I should try something else."

27 thoughts on “Revising. Again

    • I feel so fortunate! I’d been scrubbing baseboards and cabinets in preparation for the painters, and took a quick break. Turns out Sacha had just posted her offer and I got in!


    • Ooh, thank you for that link. I read a bit and will go back to it later.

      Also, thanks for the writerly wings wishes (or something like that). I send the same thoughts your way…


  1. Thank you Tracy, for being one of the brave, and giving me the opportunity to critique! I’m so glad you’re happy with your evaluation – I can’t wait to see BIRD BRAIN on the shelves!


      • We had a blast. The movie was so intense. Dark and sad and action packed and touching. Very Harry Potter. The nachos were perfect. Our server was a hoot. My brownie sundae was …yummo.

        Have a GREAT weekend!


  2. Congratulations!!
    Don´t be scared you know what to change and look at. t´s going to be easy for you!!
    Ihave been trying to enter the blue boards for month and a half but the never answer my petition of register 😦
    Good luck with the revisions!!


    • Thank you, Robin. Wow. That made me smile.

      (Anabel (comment above) mentioned she’s having trouble getting registered on the Blue Boards. I told her I’d see if you could offer some help since you’re an In Person there.) 🙂


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