Friday Five: The Lisa Edition


Two days ago  shared some heartbreaking news about her health.

It’s a testament to her loving and humorous outlook on life that even though
we’ve never met, I can’t stop thinking about Lisa and her family.  
And I know I’m not the only one.
Lisa has always been a shining light in this writing community.

1)  Lisa started the Thankful Thursday tradition here in LJ-land.

2)  Lisa won the Morris Award and shared her nomination speech (which turned
into her acceptance speech)
 with us even though doing so was outside her comfort zone.

3)  Lisa notices beauty all around her and shares my love for spiders.

4)  Lisa supports her follow writers and hosts Authorial Intrusion which allows us to know
authors as real people with likes and dislikes, along with their best writing advice in five words or less.

5)  Lisa has reminded me to be grateful for all I have, and to let the people
in my life know how much I love them.

So many, many people are thinking of you, Lisa, and sending love your way.


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