Did you ever notice . . .


. . .how everyone assumes squirrels are male?

                                                        © Tracy Abell 2011

I’m betting none of you looked at that photo and said, "That little gal is up to no good."

Why is that?


11 thoughts on “Did you ever notice . . .

  1. That first comment made me LOL because it’s so true.

    I was taught that when the gender is unknown, it is to be referred to as “he” unless and until we learn differently. I doubt that’s why we do it, though.

    A very deep pondering is called for here. Nope, can’t come up with anything as good as what she wrote.


  2. I’m going along with the above answers.

    Have you ever noticed dogs are usually called boys and cats girls? I think it’s because we associate dogs with males (“Man’s best friend”) and cats with the spinster.


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