Thankful Thursday: Power Lines and Powerful Birds


I love my home but didn’t always love the ugly power lines
visible from our south-facing windows.
I considered them an obstruction of the open-space-aesthetic.

Well, I eventually adjusted my attitude with the realization that
without those unsightly, thick black cables, I wouldn’t see nearly as many birds.

Case in point: this Red-tailed Hawk that stopped by yesterday.

                                                        © Tracy Abell 2011


14 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Power Lines and Powerful Birds

    • It is a beautiful bird, huh? It was turned to the side because there was a squirrel flicking its tail (and probably chattering) at the hawk. I was worried the hawk was going to pounce, but it left the squirrel alone.


    • I did have to play with the contrast and colors a bit so we could see it better. Hence, the sepia-tones.

      “Squirrel highway.” Love it! Squirrels cruise ours, too, and I marvel at their fearlessness.


    • I watched it for a while through the binoculars, and when it turned its head and I saw that eye/beak combination, I gasped. They’re amazing, and I’m glad you get to see them, too.


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