Friday Five: The Numbers Edition


I’ve invited these big, friendly numbers to help me quantify this week . . .

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1)  I’m writing my new book 500-words per day. 

2)  I’m reading an incredible book about the 60s: COUNTDOWN by Deborah Wiles.

3)  Wildebeest is shooting for a 3.7 GPA this semester, and thinks he’ll
achieve it by "not screwing around on my elective."

4)  After a three-game dry spell, Zebu scored 13 points in his basketball
game on Wednesday.

5)  Right now there’s sunshine, and we’re supposed to hit 50 degrees later today.

Wishing everyone a numerically- satisfying weekend!


10 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Numbers Edition

    • I’m sorry to brag about our warm temperatures. I know so much of the country is suffering bitter cold right now. We just had a dose so I’m especially grateful for the warmth.

      Have a good weekend and keep warm!


    • I’m happy with the 500 words per day. They’re good, solid words and I’m not veering off track. Sometimes that happens when I write too much at once.

      Have a good weekend, Anabel.


  1. I was reading along until I hit in the face with 50… FIFTY!!! sounds like heaven!

    We are in the negative numbers this weekend…. minus 30 in the Berkshire Mountains on Sunday!!!


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