Friday Five: The Street Running Edition


1)  The sun is shining and the sky is blue, blue, blue 

but as a result of the excessive number of thunderstorms and downpours this week

2) the trails are too wet and messy for running which makes me sad, sad, sad
so I ran back and forth on the gravel portion just to get my bunny, meadowlark, wildflower fix

3) before heading back onto the neighborhood streets where I ran, ran, ran

up and down streets past parked cars and moving cars and boring old suburban houses
4) checking my watch every few minutes because I needed to run, run, run
for forty minutes before I’d let myself stop for the day
5) and by the time I reached my goal I remembered street running isn’t all that bad, bad, bad
because there aren’t any rocks or knapweed or holes to trip you up.
I’m hoping the trails dry out soon so I can get back out there where my heart sings, sings, sings.   
Wishing everyone a joyful weekend!

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