Adele and Her Fan Base


I’m not one to embrace what’s hot-hot-hot,
but do admit to loving Adele’s music.

And if I’m to believe what I’ve read in various places
I’m the typical fan.
Which is to say, I’m female.
Probably older than the average female fan but, still.  Female.
Conventional wisdom says Adele’s fan-base is nearly 100% women. 

This afternoon I chauffeured three fifteen-year-old boys
who were playing various rap songs from their iPods on the car stereo.

I’ve had Adele’s 21 in my car for the past couple months and 
jokingly whispered to Zebu, "Guess this means no Adele, huh?"
Moments later, "Rolling in the Deep" was playing (from one of the boy’s iPod!) 
and the boys were singing along.
Not only did they sing that song, one of the boys announced that his favorite Adele song is
"Someone Like You," arguably the most heart-wrenching song on an album filled with heartbreak.
We preceded to listen to that song, too,
and there was some discussion of the lyrics’ meaning.
Meaningful discussion.
Lest I get too carried away with all this, I should remember that after getting out of the car 
they most likely passed gas then made jokes about erections and/or breasts.

18 thoughts on “Adele and Her Fan Base

  1. how about this one. i introducd my dad to adele a month ago…he LOVES her. he’s definitively NOT a female…or in the young crowd.

    that is awesome about your boys. ya’just nevah know.


    • Excellent that your dad loves Adele, too. It really doesn’t surprise me because she’s got such a voice. It’s just that reading reviews, etc. it’s all about the audience being young females, so it’s cool to see the reality. A great voice and songwriting trumps all.

      It makes me happy about the boys because there isn’t much of an intersection of musical tastes around here anymore. And now there is!


  2. I love her too! I have both 21 and 19 and Someone Like You breaks my heart every time. If I happen to hear it, even while at the mall, I can’t leave whatever shop I’m in and have to stay to the end.

    I’ll skip the jokes about erections and breasts in this reply though because you’ve probably already heard them 🙂


    • Adele is amazing. We have 19, also, but I have to say I’ve been so hooked on 21 I haven’t given it much of a listen yet. I shall do so. And I totally get what you mean about having to stay to the end to hear “Someone Like You;” it feels wrong to “interrupt” before she’s finished.

      Thanks for the pass on the erection and breasts jokes. I definitely have my fill of boy humor between my kids and their friends. Sometimes it’s like living on a whole different planet.


    • Carolyn, wanted you to know that yesterday Zebu and his friend were playing ping pong in our basement while listening to “Someone Like You.” Kind of an odd juxtaposition but one that made Zippy and me smile.


    • I’m very glad my boy story made you smile. I just read your latest post and understand why you needed this.

      Added detail: Zebu and one of the other boys were in our basement yesterday, playing ping pong and listening to “Someone Like You.” Zippy and I heard it at the same time and smiled at each other.


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