Westen on Obama


If you read only one op-ed piece in the next week, read 
What Happened to Obama? by Drew Westen

Here’s a taste:
When Barack Obama rose to the lectern on Inauguration Day, the nation was in tatters. Americans were scared and angry. The economy was spinning in reverse. Three-quarters of a million people lost their jobs that month. Many had lost their homes, and with them the only nest eggs they had. Even the usually impervious upper middle class had seen a decade of stagnant or declining investment, with the stock market dropping in value with no end in sight. Hope was as scarce as credit.

In that context, Americans needed their president to tell them a story that made sense of what they had just been through, what caused it, and how it was going to end. They needed to hear that he understood what they were feeling, that he would track down those responsible for their pain and suffering, and that he would restore order and safety.

Yeah, we all know what story he chose to tell that day and in the two-and-a-half years since.


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  1. Carolyn, for some reason your comment didn’t stay here (it came to my email, though). Anyway, am pasting it here:

    “Did you see this Michael Moore article from Saturday?


    Thank you for the link. That was a great and painful article. I was guilty of flying once during that time (in my defense, my life was in total chaos) but my sister took the train from LA back to NYC because she refused to cross that picket line. If only we’d known it was the start of the huge, downward slide…


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