8 thoughts on “How’s It Going?

  1. Oh so,I have been busy with my elephant outreach work. I take care of all the elephants in our neighborhood, and make sure they are treating humanely and are fed well.

    • Wow, Laura. I had no idea you were so involved in elephant outreach. Do they ever suck up water in their trunks and spray you? It seems that would be a great summertime bonus to your kind of work.

      On behalf of all the elephant lovers throughout the world, thank you for your time, energy, and commitment.

  2. I’ll be leaving for the Cape Cod Writers Conference on Sunday – a week on the beach, and Sara Pennypacker is teaching the writing for children course. Meanwhile I’ve been substitute teaching every day and trying to write in the cracks.
    That dog looks so sweet.

  3. That sounds like an awesome outing, Barbara. Have a wonderful time soaking up the collective energy and wisdom at the conference. Congrats on keeping up with your writing on top of your substitute teaching. I know how draining it can be to sub so I think you’ve earned yourself a gold star!

    (You are correct in your assessment… Zoey is a very sweet dog.)

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