Word Count


I actually have no idea what my word count is right now
because I'm writing in chapter chunks and don't really care
about total word count.

All I know is I'm back in the 1000-words-per-day saddle
and it's the best thing happening for me these days.

I'm a little past the halfway point in this first draft
and I'm going to push on through to the end.
I hope to finish before our fall conference in a month
because then I'll show up there feeling like a champ.

You heard it here first, folks: Tracy is going to feel like a champ.

                                                                          image from morguefile.com
(For those pondering the significance of this image:
I went to morguefile.com and put "champ" into the search engine,
hoping I'd get the image of a boxer such as Muhammad Ali.
Nope. Only boxer dogs)


8 thoughts on “Word Count

    • Thanks for the YAY, Tracy. You haven’t hit your stride but you’re making progress, right? Yes, I know you are. You are a hard worker and a stubborn person and you won’t let any roadblocks deter you for long. Write, Tracy write!


  1. You own that title already, my friend…Word count’s just an accessory, like an Olympic medal or something. 🙂

    Melodye (LJ’s not letting me log in)


    • Ooh, I like that idea. But I also like the idea of printing out this little boxer’s face and wearing it around my neck like a good luck charm. A rather droopy-eyed, jowly charm.

      We are the champions…..


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