Saturday Six: The Farewell to Summer Vacation Edition


1) This is the last weekend before school starts
2) so Wildebeest and Zebu are cramming as much as they can
into these final days of freedom
3) while I try to adjust to the fact I now have a high school senior and sophomore
4) and the fact that I'm no spring chicken and pretty soon will be an even older chicken
left alone in the roost with Zippy
5) which actually doesn't frighten me the way it seems to freak out some people I know
6) because I've always had my own thing going on independent of my kids but, still,
a senior and a sophomore? Really? Me?

                                                                                                                           photo by Zippy

(As an aside, may I mention how frustrating it is to post on LiveJournal these days? Wonky spacing, etc.)


3 thoughts on “Saturday Six: The Farewell to Summer Vacation Edition

  1. And I’m thinking that I can’t believe D is already in 4th grade! 😉

    I love watching them get older, though (of course, I’m not getting any older, ha) — they’re more fun every day! Still…time flies.


    • I remember thinking that around 4th grade, too. Time just whooshes on by, it seems. I agree about the kids being more fun everyday (with a healthy dose of un-fun along the way), and I’m also looking forward to them being adults and me not worrying about quite so much stuff. I know. HAHAHAHAHAHA………….


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