Friday Five: The Befuddled Edition



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1)  I haven't written my 1000-words/day for the last two days, in part because
I can't decide whether to forge ahead OR go back and iron out some major plot
stuff I've since figured out.

2)   I've been working on a new WordPress site but have hit a major wall in terms
of what my limited computer skills can achieve, and am not sure how to proceed:
hire a web designer/installer to finish up the job OR muddle through as best I can
OR pretend none of it is happening and let it all wither away in cyberspace.

3)  I'm not sure why this Friday Five is the Befuddled Edition when numbers one and two 
seem less Befuddled than Indecisive.

4)  Wait! I've got befuddlement for you: On the first day of school, one of Zebu's teachers
asked students to share a little about themselves, and when no one else volunteered to
go first Zebu did, and proceeded to offer a lengthy explanation of the underwater basketweaving
club he founded at the school. Because the teacher asked questions along the way, Zebu
continued to spin his tale, thinking she was appreciating his silliness. Turns out she went home
and told her husband all about the amazing student who took the initiative to create
an underwater basketweaving club at school, to which her husband said "It's a joke." She told
me about it last night at Back to School Night. I kid you not.

5)  About this time every year I start wondering why I've agreed to be the facilities coordinator
for the local fall SCBWI conference. Okay, that's probably more Grouchy than Befuddled.

Wishing everyone clear, concise thoughts and actions today and throughout the weekend!


10 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Befuddled Edition

  1. Hahaha to Zebu! I love that. Although was the teacher irritated with him?

    And muddle through on the site! Ask Google for help! you will feel so awesome once you puzzle things out.

    But if it’s too time-consuming and hair-tearing, then ask for help.


    • The teacher was not at all irritated with him. She seems to be a genuinely kind person who self-describes as “gullible.”

      Re the site: I’ve asked Dr. Google a million questions and still have trouble. My latest/biggest issue is creating my About page. I cannot figure out how to get the photos lined up and the text lined up. Aargh!!! It’s already feeling time-consuming and hair-tearing, but I’m also stubborn. Sigh.

      Have yourself a grand weekend, Dot.


  2. Oh.My.God. I had the SAME issue with Mirrors. I went back and fixed it. It made me grumble. When I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, first drafts were a lot more enjoyable. Now I want to FIX things all the dang time. Drives me BONKERS!!!

    I soooo need to set up another webpage. But I just don’t have the mental engergy to mess with it. One of my friends is married to a computer guy. I gonna pay him money to do it…once I get an agent. So…uh…I still have plenty of time.

    Nods. Indecision can be befuddling.

    That is HYS-TER-I-CAL! *bent over laughing*


    Have a GREAT weekend!


    • “When I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, first drafts were a lot more enjoyable.” HA!

      For the first time in this project, I printed out everything I’d written and was surprised to find 30k words. (I’ve been writing in chapter chunks via Scrivener and didn’t know total word count). Anyway, I read through everything in one sitting and took some notes and am now going back to fix things. I feel much better about what needs to be done and am no longer afraid I’ll lose momentum by going back to fix plot issues. *heaves sigh of relief*

      I hope you had a good weekend, friend.


  3. about numer one that is happening to me two, revising and translating has lead me to seeing some problems in some chapters and I don’t know if I should go back. But I hope that inspiration iluminates us and shows us what to do first!
    Oh new webpages are hard, I jut set my blogger and reserved the wordpress name just in case but I’m afraid to get to it. You’re brave, first scribener and now wordpress, I’m your fan!!
    LOL! Your son is so funny and the teacher took it with dignity and knowing he is a good kid!
    Have an amazing weekend my friend!


    • I hope you sorted out your issue regarding going back to fix, or forging ahead. In my case I realized (after reading everything I’d written so far) that I needed to go back and fix. And now I feel calmer and better about the whole project again. But it sure wasn’t any fun when I was befuddled!

      I don’t blame you for putting off the web page work…it’s intimidating, I think. I still haven’t made any moves or decisions on that problem.

      Hope you and your family had a glorious weekend, Anabel.


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