Some Updates


A little over two weeks ago I shared the sad tale of my old juniper tree,
and today finally summoned the courage to call an arborist.  
He just left after telling me (1) the tree will survive and (2) there's nothing to be done
for another year or so except (3) to pray for forgiveness. I thought he meant the tree
forgiving me but realized he meant me forgiving  my neighbor.

I feel somewhat better although still cannot look at that old tree without flinching.
And tearing up.

In regards to my stuckness on my work-in-progress, this past weekend I printed out
everything I'd written so far (30k words!) and read it in one sitting.  After taking some notes,
I knew I needed to go back and rework some stuff before moving ahead. I'm struggling
with the rewrites but am no longer panicked that fixing stuff will slow my momentum
to the point that I'll never finish the draft.

I will finish this draft!  Hear, universe?

As for my web site, nothing's happening there. I still don't know how to proceed.
I guess two out of three ain't bad.

Now, here's a gratuitous squirrel shot:                                                                                                                                               Massively oversized image by Tracy Abell                                      

8 thoughts on “Some Updates

  1. The tree will prevail, as will you. I believe that, body and soul.

    *sings “We Shall Overcome” to the Universe*

    And as for that squirrel, let’s consider him a mascot, shall we? So much industriousness behind those innocent brown eyes….


    • We will prevail, Melodye. Thank you for that reminder. I just need to keep a careful eye on the juniper this winter as it’s now like a bowl waiting to collect the snowfall.

      The squirrel definitely has some stuff going on…


  2. I’m glad your tree will make it. Nature is amazing sometimes.
    I always go back and rework things as I write. It takes forever, but it does prevent me from getting stuck. Also, when I feel myself getting all tense about my WIP, I slow down rather than trying to rush forward. Maybe it’s just me, but it does seem to work.
    I LOVE gratuitous squirrel pics.


    • Nature is amazing, Barbara. That resilient tree will hang on and maybe someday regain its former stature. The arborist told me that while junipers are drought-tolerant, they do appreciate water so I’m going to water it and see if that helps.

      I like your idea of slowing down rather than pushing forward when you’re feeling tense about your wip. It makes sense to relax into the story rather than forcing it.

      Glad you like the squirrel pic!


    • Thank you, Carolyn. He was a nice man who seemed to understand my feelings and concerns, and he was optimistic about the juniper’s future.

      The 30k was a pleasant surprise. 🙂

      Hooray for squirrels!


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