PSA: Use Paper!


As mentioned here and here, I've been using Scrivener to write a first draft
and while I love the program for many reasons,
I got caught up in my chapters being (easily accessible) separate files
and so never printed out anything.

As a result, I got a wee bit confused on plot issues
and came to a screeching halt when I felt overwhelmed by the whole process.

This past weekend I printed out all I'd written and read it again.
Hard copies are awesome. 
And helpful.
And absolutely vital to the writing process.

So, friends, don't scrimp on your paper usage just because it's better for the planet.
The planet does need our love and care, but so does our mental health.                                                                                                                                                                       
                                                                                                                            © Tracy Abell 2009      

What she said!


4 thoughts on “PSA: Use Paper!

  1. I can’t grasp the book in its entirety until I print it out. Even tonight after revising a really bad chapter, I told myself it still sucked, but I would see how to fix it when I printed it out and read the story in one sitting.


  2. It’s really true that the paper affords a whole new perspective on a story. I don’t think I’ve ever worked on something for that long without printing stuff out, and I hope I don’t do it again on another project. Paperless = crazy-making.

    Hope your chapter revision is much better than you think!


  3. I read my revised ms at various stages on my kindle and was able to see it from a different perspective. It’s not as good as a paper copy though.

    I hope it’s all going well for you!


    • Well, I think the key is having different perspectives so it sounds as if your Kindle did fine by you and your process. I was just surprised by how out of touch I felt with all the chapters isolated in their own files; I had no sense of continuity.


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