Batman and Lebowski


This morning as Zebu and I drove to his friend's house to pick him up for school,
we passed a house with trash cans set out at the curb. 

And next to those trash cans, was Something Unexpected.

We picked up Zebu's friend and then drove back past the trash cans.
I stopped and after a hurried consultation, Zebu jumped out and grabbed The Caped Crusader.

                                                                                                         © Tracy Abell 2011
I offered Zebu and his friend dibs, but neither was willing to carry him through the school halls.
Not to mention their uncertainty about him fitting in their lockers.

So Batman came home with me and Lebowski hissed when he got his first look,
but The Dude's over it now.

I'm thinking today is going to be a very special day.


11 thoughts on “Batman and Lebowski

    • The kitty got over his fright but Zippy had a little issue with Batman later on…Wildebeest put Batman’s arms over his head and it finally became too much so Zippy lowered them.

      It’s like having a new member of the family.


    • He definitely wasn’t dumped in the trash. The people stood him there which was why we hesitated in taking him. But we just could not resist. My theory is someone was inside with a video camera, taping people’s reactions (but then we cut the social experiment short by snatching Batman).


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