Manuscript Demolition


I'm contemplating going back to one of my novels and doing an overhaul.
I've read it for the first time in almost two years and believe I've got The Fix.
Doing so will mean some demolition and reconstruction,
and a fair amount of sweat and tears.

The thought is a bit intimidating, but I've always enjoyed swinging a crowbar.

                                                                                                          © Tracy Abell 2008


12 thoughts on “Manuscript Demolition

    • It’s amazing to look back on an old project and see it with a fresh perspective. I believe that it’s possible to keep learning…every time you write a novel. The writing/finishing always makes me feel like I’ve discovered something new.

      Go for it! 🙂


      • Two years is a good amount of perspective. I don’t feel nearly as invested in “my darlings” and could be quite ruthless, I think. It would be nice to bring this one to its potential plus learn something new along the way.


    • Thank you much for the offer, Melodye, but I’m not going ahead with this revision. I talked with my agent and we decided it makes more sense to continue with the brand-new, never-read project rather than going back to this one.

      The good news is, I have lots of notes all typed up so when/if I decide to revisit this story, I’ll have a plan of attack already in place.


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