7 thoughts on “Don’t Fight the Urge

  1. I have those urges all. the. time. It’s the Nancy Drew in me, I guess. Right now, though, I feel the need to lie low for awhile. Some kind of cootie bug followed me home from Rome–urg, and urp.

    I’m with Laurie–these photos are fabulous. Thanks for the smiles & chuckles. 🙂


    • You were in Rome! I didn’t know that (but if I was supposed to know that and somehow missed it, please accept apologies for my density). I’m sorry a cootie followed you home, though. Yuck. I hope that bug didn’t get you until you’d enjoyed every moment of Italy.

      You’re welcome for the smiles and chuckles, my little Nancy Drew. Looking forward to you and your roadster hitting the LJ trail again.


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