Virtual March on Wall Street


Ever since July when I first heard about the planned occupation of Wall Street,
I've wanted to pack my bag and join the brave people speaking truth to power.
Occupation and bodies in the streets seemed like the best way to shed some
light on the criminal behavior of Wall Street and its political enablers.

And it's working.

I'm still here in Colorado but I just joined the Virtual March on Wall Street.
Here's my message:

I urge you to check out the link and read messages from people all around the country.
It's powerful stuff.
Folks are hurting in a big way.

But there's power in numbers and there are lots more of us than them.
We are the 99%.

(Watch livestream here.)      


6 thoughts on “Virtual March on Wall Street

  1. Well shoot, the image for your message isn’t working so I can’t see it. But I can imagine what it says, Tracy, and good for you for doing what you can. I’m going to try to make it down to Portland tomorrow for the protests here, but it’s exactly when I need to be working at my son’s resource center. I’ll try to slip away…


    • Yep, I’ve been restless this whole time, feeling as if I should be there, too. I was happy to participate in that one small way. My sister was there and she said it was truly inspirational. The people are coming alive…


  2. (Darn! You couldn’t see my image? That makes me wonder if photos don’t regularly appear.)

    Good for you on doing what you can, too, Lorraine. Solidarity!


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