Friday Five: The Time-for-a-New-Plan Edition


1)  Last weekend I read I the first draft of my latest middle-grade novel after letting it sit awhile.

2) All week I've jotted notes and zeroed in on characters' motivations and reconfigured the plot.

3) I followed editor Kendra Levin's Five-Step Revision Plan, and created a
"one paragraph summary" that inexplicably mushroomed into multiple paragraphs.

4) I swing between moods of exhilaration and freak-outs about my chances of pulling this one off.

5)  And then today I realized that, despite the first draft being written in first-person,
the story needs to be told in third-person.

Here, Tracy, gaze upon the starling to calm your nerves:

                                                                                                 © Tracy Abell 2009

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend filled with epiphanies and maybe a few feathered friends! 


7 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Time-for-a-New-Plan Edition

    • It was a board-upside-the-head kind of epiphany, that’s for sure. I’m kind of excited about writing in third person, though, because every single book I’ve written has been in first. I wrote a short story in third, though, that I’m very proud of so I know I can do it.

      Thank you (always) for your vote of confidence.


    • Thank you, Lorraine, for your confidence. I’m getting excited about writing in third person because it will certainly stretch my creative boundaries.

      Starlings are a little wild in the sky, but I just love them and so that calms me. 🙂


  1. Sounds like you just need to relax, go for some long walks, do yoga, go shopping for a few fall sweater, etc. Time away from a WIP often lightens things up. Starlings!!! I don’t know about starlings, but the one in the photo is kind of cute. Have a good weekend.


    • It’s snowing right now! I’m kicking myself for not getting in one more run out on the trails yesterday when the sun was shining and it was about 70 degrees. Oops. So I guess I need to stay inside and work on this book. I’m less nervous than excited at this point. I love a challenge.

      Hope you and Jasper are having a good weekend, Barbara. Maybe a starling will come visit at your window. 🙂


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