Friday Five: The Comes and Goes Edition

1)  Yesterday as I revised (again) Chapters One and Two it felt like a losing battle to make this book what I hoped it could be, and I experienced despair

2)  but when I read those revisions right before bed, I realized I’d made huge progress and found the tone of the story amidst all that rubble, and I felt rejuvenated.

3)  Yesterday morning Wildebeest was crabby and negative as I drove him to school

4)  but this morning he was laughing and happy with life and the day ahead.

5)  Today I’m grateful for the knowledge that the Good and Not-So-Good come in waves, and that whatever rolls in eventually rolls out only to replaced by something else that just might be Very Good or even Excellent.

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I wish everyone, at minimum, a Very Good weekend!

13 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Comes and Goes Edition

    • Yes, I definitely wanted to document this so I’d remember the next time (and there will be a next time I start feeling despair), that there’s always a breakthrough. A shift. A reprieve from those icky feelings.


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