I Can’t Let This Manuscript Die!

This second draft is giving me fits 
and I'm suddenly the Queen of Procrastination
as I look for something, anything to do besides revise.

But my project is like this shark:
if I don't keep moving foward
there is a good chance the book will die.

                                                                                        image from morguefile.com

Must. Give. It. Oxygen.


4 thoughts on “I Can’t Let This Manuscript Die!

    • Yes, a wee bit of panic. But I worked some more today and feel more grounded. I tend to feel overwhelmed when I lose my footing in the big picture which is why today I am printing out the first 50 pages or so and getting a grip.
      Thank you, Barbara, for stopping by to offer some calm. I hope your middle-grade project is moving along well.


      • That’s funny about printing out the first 50 pages, because this morning I printed out the first 80 pages of my ms., took them to the library, and spent the day going over them. I tend to get overwhelmed when I get a lot of calls to sub at the daycare center, which I did this past week. I hope we can both move forward from here. Except that Thanksgiving will probably call for a writing break???Oh, well. Hang in there.


  1. So did your 80 pages of hard copy get you back on track, Barbara? My 50 pages made me feel much better and more focused. I was feeling a bit lost and adrift in the story, but now I have a grasp (again) on what it’s all about.
    You hang in there, too. We will do this!


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