Chain of Fools


This was me in February 2009 as I embarked on Flexibility Quest:

This was me in January 2010 eleven months into Flexibility Quest:

This is me after neglecting regular yoga practice for the past eight months or so: 

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Don't be a fool:
If you're doing something that makes you feel good 
and is good for you, keep it up.
I'm here to tell you that rusty joints ain't no fun.


20 thoughts on “Chain of Fools

    • Re: however…
      I’m going to start referring to myself as “Rusty Self.” It sounds like a great character for a book.
      Rusty Self dove for the falling beer bottle, grabbing it just before it hit the concrete floor. Crisis averted. Hooray for agile, quick-thinking Rusty Self!

    • Right now my muscles’ memory is Ouch! I way over-stretched the first time I did yoga last weekend and I’m still feeling the pain. However, I hope you’re right about me getting flexible more quickly this time around.
      Thank you, friend.

    • You’ve been doing yoga for 8 weeks but don’t feel any more flexible? Or is it that you wish you were making faster progress? I don’t know how often you’re doing it but I find 20 minutes per day works well (as opposed to longer sessions fewer times per week).
      Either way, here’s to us getting more flexible!

    • Thank you, Amy. I trust I will find my groove again but am moving slowly now after over-stretching in my first session last weekend. But I’m happier doing it again so that’s very good!

  1. I know!!! I haven’t been to yoga class in far too long. This, despite all the goodness that comes of going. Why do we do this to ourselves?
    More to the point: Why are we grumbling at our computers, when we could be doing rust-removal/yoga poses?

    • We’re a funny little species, aren’t we?
      I’ve done yoga the past five mornings and realize how much I’ve missed it. I do a short 20 minute session but it’s such a good way to greet the day. I’m looking forward to feeling limber again, and hope you feel the same.

  2. I have found that even if I do yoga sporadically I get back to where I was a lot quicker than when I first started. Although I’ve always been pretty flexible for someone who barely moves. (I have no natural strength, but I’m flexible, gosh darnit.) But it is sad how easy it is to lapse when it feels so good!

  3. I try to do two yoga classes a week. Three is better, but one is OK if I’m really busy. It’s amazing how quickly a body can stiffen up without stretching it. But it doesn’t take too long to regain flexibility. I’m pretty lazy about doing yoga at home, but when I do, I feel better. Hope you get back to it soon.

    • If I had to go somewhere to do yoga I’d never do it. I’m happy with my little DVD and routine, but my sister (also in NYC) goes to a studio for hot yoga several times per week and loves it. I think you’re right about a little consistency being much better than no yoga at all, and I’m trying to get that set in my brain so I don’t falter again.
      Happy stretching, Barbara!

    • Hooray! That’s such an accomplishment to be one of the more flexible and “stable” members of the class. Good for you, Robin! I’m working hard to not be the worst in my class of one. 🙂

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