Humor Me, Please


I was all excited when I saw this photo I took today:

Hey, I said to Zebu, it's Three Turtle Doves.
To which he replied, "I think the song goes 'Three French Hens, Two Turtle Doves.'"

So I looked up The Twelve Days of Christmas and, sure enough, it's Two Turtle Doves.


I'd rather not break up the trio so if you'd be so kind, either squint your eyes
and pretend these are Three French Hens OR miscount the birds
and end up with only Two Mourning Turtle Doves.

Thank you.


8 thoughts on “Humor Me, Please

  1. Good things come in threes. It’s a gift with purchase, right? 😉
    (And I agree with Jeni: this picture–like so many I’ve seen here–is definitely frame worthy!)
    I snapped some pictures of seagulls over the weekend. They were staring into the sunset, lol. My camera’s limitations are obvious, but I think I’ll post them in a little bit.


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