Snow Day!


We've already gotten at least a foot of snow and it keeps falling.
Zippy filled the feeder and put out another suet cake this morning
and it's a feeding frenzy out there.

I was just making pumpkin pies and kept stopping to snap photos.

This guy's up on the wire overlooking the scene, and the various jays (blue, western scrub)
keep flying to adjacent wires where they appear to be taunting him.

The hawk doesn't seem to much care
and comes across as rather zen-like amidst all the hubbub.


12 thoughts on “Snow Day!

    • Mine, too! I love that the mourning dove’s bellied up for dinner alongside the finches, all casual like…as if to say, “La la la, don’t mind me, I’ve got a frequent flier card & I’ve been invited to stay.”

      • Thank you, Jeni and Melodye. The finches really do have such variety in their coloring. And those Mourning Doves definitely ease themselves into any situation, and then park it. I love doves.

    • It was beautiful, Amy. And today the sun’s shining and we’ve got another crew of birds out there. They seem to persevere no matter the weather but I have to think today’s weather is easier for them. However, they had to deal with the Cooper’s Hawk perched on the bush where they usually hang out.

  1. You always post the best bird snaps! Looks like you have your own winter wonderland right there in your backyard. So lovely.

    • Thanks for stopping by to enjoy the birds, Carolyn. I am quite grateful for my own winter wonderland out the window. I was just watching a Black-Capped Chickadee at the suet feeder which was a treat; the other birds usually chase away the chickadees.

  2. The jays’ behaviour reminds me of the way small birds will “mob” an owl during the day. The poor owl is trying to sleep and the birds try to harrass him to leave his branch–and their territory.

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