Longer Days!


I cannot begin to tell you how very I am to be gaining daylight!

                                                                         image from morguefile.com

Bring it, Sun!


10 thoughts on “Longer Days!

    • We’re fortunate to have lots of sun in Colorado but even so, the short days are so hard. But now we’re gaining daylight and it feels much better!
      Sending sunshine to you, Anabel…


  1. It’s fun to count the added minutes of daylight , isn’t it?
    When I lived in a colder, darker climate, I remember it getting so dark and dreary, so very early in the wintertime. I hated that! Our summer days are shorter, now that I’m back in sunny CA, but come wintertime, it’s the reverse. Happy tradeoffs!


    • We’re adding 15 seconds today! Woohoo! I checked that time every day while living in Anchorage and especially loved March when we’d gain three + minutes per day. It was incredible.
      I’m glad you’re back in sunny SoCal where the sun shines and the ocean breezes tickle your skin. šŸ™‚


    • Re: “how very…”
      HA! I didn’t even notice I’d left off a word when I wrote that. And no one else commented on it. You win today’s prize for Eagle Eyes!
      (Happy New Year, Peter!)


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