Suck That, Vacuum!


Just finished vacuuming.
As soon as I put the vacuum away, the floor was already sprinkled with hair.

Why's that, Tracy?

I dunno.
Why don't you ask Zoey?

Anyone know how to attach a shop vac to a dog?


19 thoughts on “Suck That, Vacuum!

    • It was weird Zoey shed like that in November (I think that’s when I took the pic) because that’s more of a spring behavior. That’s strange about Echo shedding a lot for the first time, and I hope it’s weather-related rather than due to air pollution. 😦


    • Huskies are the never-ending shedding dogs, aren’t they? Zippy and I used to joke about around-the-clock brushing of our dear Flaco, knowing the hair would still be going strong after 24 hours.
      And yes, we should own stock in vacuum cleaner bags!


  1. Don’t they have a pet hair vacuum…or maybe its a brush. Infomercials…stay up late and watch an infomercial. I believe there is assistance for you and your shed-happy friend.


    • She really dislikes getting brushed. You can kinda (ahem) tell by the way her ears are back in the photos. Our cat likes being brushed more than Zoey. But you’re correct, she sat there and took the necessary treatment. 🙂


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