What A Long, Strange Trip


The Eurasian Collared-Dove was introduced to the Bahamas back in the 1970s
and rapidly spread westward across the United States.

Wonder whether this guy would rather be here in snowy Colorado or
lounging on a warm, sandy beach.

                                                                                   © Tracy Abell 2012


10 thoughts on “What A Long, Strange Trip

    • Pigeons (Rock Doves) are a kind of dove so your thinking makes sense. I knew this was an Eurasian Collared-Dove because of the black band on the back of the neck. Also, they’re a little bigger than the Mourning Doves I get at the feeder. Plus, their call is WAY more obnoxious than than the Mourning Dove’s coo (in my opinion). 🙂

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. There are tons of Mourning Doves in my yard, and I’m quite fond of them. Hope I’ll see the other kind one day. It’s so pretty.

    • Barbara, me too! I love hearing the mourning doves’ plaintive coo, even if (to me, at least) they seem a little daft.
      As to your question, Tracy, I’d vote for building a permanent nest–in a temperate climate, that is. But there’s certainly something to be said for migrating with your flock…

      • I didn’t have to read your answer to know how you’d vote, Melodye. MsFlipFlopsGoWithEverything. 🙂
        I think the doves mellow; they’re not easily ruffled and I could adopt more of that attitude in my life. Maybe I’ll go climb the tree and hang out for a while…

    • I bet you have seen one, Barbara. They’re very similar to Mourning Doves and I often have the two of them in the tree around my feeder. They seem to like each other well enough. 🙂

    • Yeah, I guess that was a rather dumb question under yesterday’s weather circumstances, huh? But who knows? Maybe that dove is a stoic and appreciates a colder climate.

    • The doves do seem to handle the weather changes without much ado. As for the feathers against the snow, I admit to tweaking the contrast a tiny bit on that photo so he’d stand out a little more.

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