Creative writing is a harrowing business, a terrifying commitment
to an absolute. This is it, the writer must say to himself, and I must
stand or fall upon what I have put down. The degree of self-exposure
is crucifying. And doubt is a constant companion. What if I am not as
good as I thought? is a question that always nags, and can cripple.

~ Walter Kerr

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Today I’m struggling to stand upon the words I’ve put down.
Begone, doubt!

11 thoughts on “Self-Exposure

  1. Oh Tracy same questions around here. But if we sit down with a cup oh hot chocolate I think you’ll see you’re awesome and I’m sure a writer that gives everything on every line.


  2. Aargh. I struggled with words that sounded like crap today. And there was no fixing them. But, well, tomorrow who knows? We might just end up snuggling up with that skeleton. 😉


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