Friday Five: The Taking Flight Edition


I'm noticing lots of amorous behavior from the male doves in the neighborhood
and admit to chuckling at the way they follow the reluctant females from limb to
limb, wire to wire, hoping for attention.

© Tracy Abell and Zippy 2012

The females will put up with that behavior for only so long before taking wing.


6 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Taking Flight Edition

    • Exactly! And “What’s your sign?” I wish I’d gotten pics of him inching over on the wire the way the males usually do, because then the female inches away and the male follows. It’s quite amusing.


  1. Have you ever seen pigeons court? The male spreads his wings and fans his tail and dances around in a circle. Sadly, after all this drama, the females usually just walk or fly away. But I guess it must work sometimes, because we have no shortage of pigeons!


    • I don’t believe I’ve seen a pigeon courtship. I love watching stuff like that, though. I never know whether to laugh or cry when the males are ignored in such a blatant manner.


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