This Writer’s View

Last fall I started using a treadmill desk
but have since stopped walking and writing
due to vision issues.

However, I still use that desk to stand while writing
after coming to the realization my body feels icky-numb
whenever I sit for long periods of time.

This is my writing desk at the window:

This is part of my view:

Along with plenty of fox, coyote, hawk, deer, etc. sightings in the open space, I also witness human interactions because of the many people who walk dogs, teach kids to ride bikes, jog, etc. on the path.

Here’s a man and dog I’ve seen before:

The dog has three legs and shaved fur around the neck/chest area, indicating a recent medical procedure. S/he moves well, hopping along with tail held high. The man is kind and patient, frequently reaching down to pet the dog. Today he waited as she rolled on her back in the grass, kicking her legs in the air. One day last week I had tears in my eyes as they headed home and the dog stopped to rest beneath a flowering crab apple tree. The man stood by for about five minutes, waiting patiently for her to gather the strength to continue. Throughout, he talked and petted his canine friend.

I am grateful for a view of the world that includes both natural wonders and people-powered dramas. Sometimes I do more watching than writing, but I believe these mental snapshots will someday make their way into my stories.

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