Dog Ache

Our Coco is suffering some mystery ailment now, crying out in pain associated with her right back leg. It came on suddenly Tuesday at 5 p.m., and the vet doesn’t have a diagnosis.

Our vet is also our neighbor, and she just took Coco with her to the clinic for further examination.

I want to know what’s wrong, and yet, I don’t want to know. I’ve had many canine companions over the years, and I’m not ready for another round of break-your-heart-in-two.

Coco 003

12 thoughts on “Dog Ache

    • Thank you so much, Robin. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d heard her yelps of pain across the hill. The good news is she’s doing SO much better. It was some kind of compression of the spine that caused the pain, but she’s got meds and has had two sessions of massage, and is on her way back!!


    • Please thank Echo for me, and I thank you, too. Coco is doing much better. The pain and inability to put weight on her leg was caused by something compressing her spine. She’s on medication and has had two sessions of massage, and is much happier. I appreciate all the good thoughts.


    • I’m happy to report things are much improved, Amy. She was in pain because of a compression on her spine, but is now on pain medication and a steroid to shrink the inflammation plus has had massage sessions and so is returning to her normal, happy self. We’re so relieved and very grateful for all the healing thoughts. Thank you, friend.


    • Good thoughts received, Jenn. Thank you! Coco is on the mend. It was a compression on her spine but she’s on medication to alleviate that plus reduce the pain, so is feeling better. She’s had two massage sessions (and I’ve learned how to massage her, too), and is much more comfortable. It was a rough few days but we’re feeling much more optimistic for a full recovery. Whew.


    • Thank you much for the loving thoughts, Lorraine. They helped because Coco’s doing much better. We found out she had some kind of compression on her spine that was causing the pain. She’s on medication and is getting massages, and feels much better. She can even get herself down the stairs to the yard to relieve herself. That’s a HUGE change. We’re taking lots of little naps to catch up…


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