Not For the Faint of Heart

It’s that special day again, when children and adults are encouraged to put their heartfelt emotions on public display, whether those feelings are authentic or not.

I appreciated my son’s sentiment years ago when he made and shared this Valentine with his classmates:

Kid valentine 2 001

But this one from Wildebeest is my all-time favorite:

Kid valentine 001














HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO ALL OF YOU!                                                               (AND I REALLY AND TRULY MEAN THAT FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!)

6 thoughts on “Not For the Faint of Heart

      • Confession time: I love fried chicken livers. It’s a guilty, quirky pleasure, borne of necessity long ago, but I still eat them now and again. And when I do, I remember my Nana’s kitchen, where I first tasted them.

        That said, Chocolates are probably better suited to Valentine’s Day.


      • I totally understand the nostalgia and memories associated with certain foods. And even though I’m a long-time vegetarian, I used to love liver when I was a little, little kid. My siblings thought I was nuts.


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