Making Courage a Habit

A great part of courage is the courage of having done the thing before.          ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Because I didn’t write much over the summer, it’s been difficult finding my groove again. That nasty little voice whispers in my ear, calling me delusional as I try to shake off the rust and gain some traction on my project.

I’ve had a few starts and stops, but for the past three days have written 1000 words per day. It’s starting to feel like a habit again although each day there’s a flutter in my chest as I prepare to sit down to work. “What if today I can’t do it?”

But as the wise Mr. Emerson pointed out, courage gets a bit easier each time you face down a particular fear. So right now I’m off to write my 1000 words for the day with the knowledge that I’ve done it before and can surely do it again.

Courage.Cowardly Lion receiving courage

6 thoughts on “Making Courage a Habit

    • You have a much nicer approach for talking to that nasty voice. Ahem. Thanks for being firm and kind, Jenn. (And let me know if you ever need me to kick some nasty-voice butt on your behalf).


  1. Yes, what Jenn said! Although I know that nasty little voice is not much swayed by evidence or reason. Just keep your “prevail” bracelet on or nearby. You are creating a great habit and the nasty voice will get quieter and quieter. Go, Tracy!


    • Yeah, what’s up with Nasty Voice’s alternate reality? And what have you accomplished lately, Nasty Voice? Huh?

      I will prevail, Jeannine, and thank you for remembering my talisman. I must confess that I didn’t make 1000 words today but worked for hours and am determined to be satisfied with that progress. So there, Nasty Voice!


  2. Go, Tracy! I’ve been on a similar path. It’s good to find a way back into the work.

    And yes, Nasty Voice is always big on criticism and low on accomplishment here, too. Not a fun fellow! Maybe we should maroon them on an island together.


    • YES! One-way tickets for all Nasty Voices. I’d happily pony up for that expense.

      I’m screaming (so you can hear across the big pond) positive, supportive thoughts for you and your project, Amy. I’ve got bigger lungs than Nasty Voice…


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