(Damp) Bird on a Wire

We’re experiencing uncharacteristically wet weather here in Colorado and are in day four (I think?) of off-and-on-again rain. Dare I say it? Yes, I dare: It’s exceedingly  M-O-I-S-T around these parts (apologies to those who loathe that word but I could not resist).

This morning I looked out and saw a member of the typically debonaire American Kestrel species out on the wire. In the rain.

bedraggled American Kestrel

bedraggled American Kestrel

I thought about offering an umbrella, but the always-present-even-under-wet-circumstances imperious kestrel-tude let me know it was best to keep quiet.

8 thoughts on “(Damp) Bird on a Wire

  1. Three and a half days, maybe, since it didn’t start until the hurricane Monday afternoon. That bird is braver than I am — I had fun in the rain yesterday, but now I’m over it 😉

  2. Ha! I feel like handing him a big bath towel. Better yet, a blow dryer (and a warm room to use it in.)

    Hope you are keeping relatively dry. I saw on the news that your state has had floods.

    • We’re still getting lots of rain. No flooding around here but Boulder is really struggling. Zebu told me a bunch of schools are closed due to “rain day.” That’s unheard of in Colorado.

      Think dry thoughts, please. 🙂

    • Thanks for the good thoughts, Amy. It is only heavy rain for us but Boulder and other areas are struggling. Flooding basements, collapsing roofs. It really is much too much.

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