Trivial Tuesday: Writer-in-Action Edition

I’m reworking one of my middle-grade manuscripts and decided to change a character’s name. The girl is named after her grandmother so I wanted to use Little + Name, but when I did an online search to make sure it wasn’t already a common name in children’s literature I discovered it was, indeed, common. In the porn world. (Fortunately, the girl’s name is Spanish so I can use the -ita diminutive and drop the Little.)

Then I went to make my morning smoothie and the vibrating Ninja blender caused a wine glass to tip in the dish rack and smash against the counter top.
Broken wine glass 004Wonder if Judy Blume faces these types of challenges?

2 thoughts on “Trivial Tuesday: Writer-in-Action Edition

  1. I routinely Google my characters’ names and have changed a few that were (previously unbeknownst to me) adult film stars or murderers.


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