Punching is for expression

GET FUZZY by Darby Conley
Get Fuzzy on writing as expression

This old Get Fuzzy strip does not represent any personal animosity toward poets.
Rather, it’s more a statement on my current state of mind.
Specifically, my desire to punch something.
Although, stabbing would be equally therapeutic.

As Zebu would say, “Mom’s feeling a little stabby today.”

“Stabby and punchy.”
That’s me.

Shouldn’t there be a t-shirt or bumpersticker?



4 thoughts on “Punching is for expression

  1. I get stabby the more bad poetry I have to wade through on WordPress. Oh, you broke up with your boyfriend, your dog died, and you’re waxing emotional about it in iambic pentameter? Yeah, tag that as “Humor” right away.


    • I wasn’t even thinking about poetry on WordPress. Oops. Hope I didn’t cause a poet to feel stabby toward me. It’s just that sometimes Bucky Katt says what I’m feeling. And today is a “punching is for expression” kind of day. HA.

      I appreciate you stopping by!


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