Gimme more daylight


Got a text from Zebu this morning (my time). It was already long-dark where he is in Sweden. He wrote: “Happy Solstice, Mom. This year I definitely understand your appreciation for today. We’ve bottomed out!”

Zebu has finally seen the light (sorrynotsorry!). He now fully accepts what I’ve been yammering about forever: the Winter Solstice is the best thing happening this time of year!




2 thoughts on “Gimme more daylight

  1. Right on! That is why I could never live in Holland year round. The 4:00 winter sunsets would cancel out the benefits of the 10:45 June 21 sunset.

    What time does it get dark in Sweden at the solstice?

    • Not even your love of tulips could make you endure so much light deprivation!

      I just looked up where Zebu’s at and apparently the sun set at 2:45 yesterday. Yikes!

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